Student Project Contest

Share your GNU Radio project with the GNU Radio community at GRCon2012!

The GNU Radio 2012 Conference is proud to announce a contest for students who have developed GNU radio projects. The winning projects will be published on the GNU Radio website and the student authors will be invited to present projects at GRCon2012 in Atlanta, Georgia from September 24th-27th. The National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided a grant for the contest to help winning student authors travel to Atlanta from anywhere in the 50 US states.

Who is Eligible?

Any US university student or team of students may submit a GNU Radio project. A team of students working with a professor is ok too, but the travel grant from the NSF is only available for students. Winning team professors are still welcome to attend with their students!

What are Acceptable Project Topics?

Any project that utilizes GNU Radio software is welcome. The project could be centered on developing a Software Defined Radio (SDR) or on using GNU Radio software to explore some other field of science or technology. Novel uses for GNU Radio software are especially encouraged!

What are the Submission Requirements?

A project report must be submitted along with a contest application and proof of student eligibility. All submissions must be electronic in PDF format.

What are the Project Report Guidelines?

The project report must consist of no more than 10 double spaced, single sided, eight and one-half by eleven inch pages. Each page must be numbered. The report must include a title page that identifies the title, student author(s), and student school(s). The body of the report must start with an abstract of no more than 100 words, and then follow a logical sequence that presents the substance of the project. The report must be written in third person. While the project report should describe the general software techniques used for the project, do not include any programming source code in your report ( unless a specific novel piece of code is absolutely necessary to convey the subject of your project). The project report should end with a conclusion that summarizes the project findings, followed by any references and necessary appendices. Abbreviations should be spelled out the first time they are used, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses. For example, “The project used a Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the receiver design.”

What is considered “proof of student eligibility”?

Proof of student eligibility must be dated either 2011 or 2012. Suitable documentation includes a copy of a dated student identification card. It can also consist of a copy of a school transcript (with redacted grades) or a copy of a course schedule with a matching tuition receipt. Other official school documentation that courses were attended may be acceptable but are subject to the approval of the review committee. Students may inquire with the review committee point of contact as to the acceptability of an alternative form of student eligibility documentation.

What do the winners get?

One student from each winning report submission will be invited to present their project report at the GNU Radio 2012 Conference. That student will also be reimbursed up to $1000 from an NSF grant to cover their transportation expenses to and from the conference. The grant requires that the money can only be used for transportation expenses to and from domestic US locations. Receipts will be required to receive reimbursements which will be made available shortly after the conference. Students who attend will be responsible for covering their lodging and food expenses.

Contest Dates and Points of Contact

Submissions must be received via email no later than midnight on August 17, 2012. All submissions should be emailed to the contest review coordinator:

Brian Kopp of The Semaphore Group

Authors who make submissions will be notified via email that their submission has been received. Submissions that are incomplete or not in the proper format may be rejected.

Winner Notification

Winners will be notified no later than August 31, 2012.

Winner Presentation

A student representative from each winning team will be invited to make a 15 minute project presentation at GNU Radio Conference 2012. Any underage student representatives who present winning papers must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian.



Download the full application form here.